Supply Chain Services

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Orridge supply chain services offer a real end-to-end stock accuracy service, from the field to the fruit bowl.

A Common Theme

We hear a lot about stores complaining of inaccurate deliveries, but distribution centres reporting excellent service levels. To analyse a complex supply chain’s efficiency it’s helpful to start at a point that all concerned agree as accurate.

Supply Chain Services is a variety of targeted audit functions by Orridge. We have the expertise to ensure stock delivery accuracy is improved throughout your unique supply chain.


We’ll start by gaining an understanding of the components that drive your stock from supplier through to the sales floor. We can then talk about the challenges.

Identify Areas of Concern

You’ll probably have an idea of where your weak supply chain links are, but no hard evidence to validate this. Often there are various issues that contribute to a larger problem. Once the most likely areas of concern have been identified the next step is to investigate them.


You’ll reasonably expect an investment in Orridge to lead to positive change. With this in mind an inexpensive start to the process can begin with a data collection exercise at strategic points in the supply chain; we can then assess where more concentrated activity is worthwhile.

Our consultative approach means that our fully flexible audits are carried out in the right place and at the right time from the outset.

Being independent of your business adds credibility to the results and we will work with you and your distribution teams in fixing systemic issues in your receipt and delivery operation.


We aim to be of strategic value to you. One of the advantages of using Orridge is our flexibility, particularly in our reporting methodology. Reporting can be provided to you via our customer web portal, in a bespoke design to meet your needs.

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Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis