Full Wall to Wall Counts

Our most in-demand service. Wall-to-wall means count it all.

Full Wall to Wall Counts

A regular stocktake of all stores is essential. Looking beyond the primary purpose, working the count data to deliver more is where Orridge can help. When considering on-shelf availability improvements and reporting that increases sales, many clients see the service as self-funding.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Refresh stores' stock on hand data.
  • Stimulate instant deliveries to correct product availability.
  • Improve customer choice, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Get reliable shrinkage results and reporting that improves them.
  • Free stores to concentrate on core activities.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of an adaptable service
  • Avoid capital expenditure and payroll commitments.

Service Characteristics

  • An operational solution that puts stores' needs first.
  • Stocktakes timed to work around your trading times.
  • Counting methodology tailored to your stock profile.
  • Accuracy as number 1 priority.
  • Bespoke on-site reporting that benefits the stores.
  • Central reporting targeted to your specific challenges.
  • Customer support and ongoing evolution of service.

How it Works

  • Operational approach established through consultation.
  • Concept and commercials proven through trial stocktakes.
  • Stocktake diary managed by Orridge.
  • Store communication managed by Orridge, before during and after.
  • Stocktakes performed in line with pre-agreed procedures.
  • Operation focused on accuracy and count duration as key KPI's.
  • MI and count data provided instantly for review.

  • Dedicated, professional client account managers.
  • Strong UK field operations structure.
  • In-house staff training and recruitment.
  • Regionalised work scheduling teams.
  • Dedicated client-facing IT infrastructure.
  • 24 hour customer support.
  • Regular service review and development meetings.

Our Services

Core Line Audits

By supplementing a wall-to-wall stocktake strategy with more frequent counts of your core product ranges, both shrinkage and sales improvements can be accelerated.


On-Shelf Availability

As a retailer you may have an excellent range of products at the right price and a loyal customer base only too willing to purchase them. Your supply chain appears efficient and the right stock is being despatched to your stores.


Perpetual Inventory

When a wall-to-wall stocktake is not practical, an ongoing PI strategy is an alternative that can work well. This service is a good fit for busy distribution centres and warehouses that are always active.


Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis...