Service Level Agreement

Orridge promotional material isn't just rhetoric, we have worked hard to instill a culture based on putting quality of service first. We actively seek to pinpoint service requirements and commit to them through a clear SLA.

An SLA will always provide for the followiing priorities: -

  • The accuracy of the stocktakes, our number one priority.
  • The stocktakes' durations.
  • The stores' level of satisfaction.

Through Key Performance Indicator reporting, our account managers regularly attend client service review meetings, to demonstate (on a store-by-store basis) Orridge's adherence to the SLA.

When service issues arise we act quickly to address them. Orridge is a proactive business that aims to raise the service bar when opportunities for improvement arise. Our customers will testify to this if asked and we are always happy to put prospective customers in touch with existing customers.

Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis