Orridge has freedom of choice in the technology we use and the expertise to make the right decision. All supporting tech systems are home-grown and maintained by a dedicated client-facing team, ensuring our clients' solutions are as varied and adaptable as our customers are.

Handheld Technology

Stocktakers are equipped with wireless scanners that capture data with maximum speed and accuracy.

On-Site Systems

Stocktake management are supported by a comprehensive suite of management reports and tools, through which efficiency and accuracy can be monitored and postively influenced.

On-Site Reporting

During a stocktake we provide a range of user-friendly and relevant reports that the store uses to review and benefit from the service as it happens. On completion, a store will be confident that it has been engaged in, and fully understands the stocktake.

Accuracy Validation

We offer an excellent range of options so that stores can check any part of our stocktakes at any time. From tablet PC's, to conventional paper printouts, through to scanner-checking, we have the right solution for you and your stores.

Automated File Handling

Our automated file handling system ensures prompt (within minutes of count completion) delivery of results via email or FTP.

Client Web Portal and Advanced Reporting

Our client portal delivers access to a sophisticated reporting solution, for review and analysis of count data for current and historical counts through a web browser.

Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis