Stocktaking Solutions

We work with our clients to understand their ongoing requirements. A bespoke stocktaking solution is created, then it evolves.

If you are reconsidering your stock control strategy, we'd love to explore the options with you. What Orridge brings to the table is technological progression, managerial experience and operational competence. We understand the need to keep pace with an ever-changing customer landscape, our customers will testify to this.

Orridge uses wireless LAN barcode scanners to capture stocktake data. We complement this with accuracy verification technology, providing your stores with user-friendly and transparent ways of independently checking the quality of their Orridge stocktakes.

We offer a range of in-store services that provide for challenges we're used to seeing in retail. Supply chain auditing solutions are offered through a dedicated division.

Importantly, each service is adapted to your specific requirements. Our in-house software development team are on hand to establish the right foundation for you, and for future evolution throughout the lifecycle of your account.

With a national and regional structure, Orridge can support stocktaking initiatives in any part of the UK or Europe. All stocktakers and their management are recruited, vetted and trained by Orridge.

Orridge is dedicated wholly to the provision of stocktaking services. We are completely focused on bringing you the information you need, when you need it and how you need it.

An excellent starting point is an initial consultation. Through discussion we will find the right stocktaking package for your business. We will then challenge that package and find new ways to support you as your business evolves.

Full Wall to Wall Counts
Core Line Audits
On-Shelf Availability
Perpetual Inventory

Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis