Market Sectors

Orridge's roots are in pharmacy and we have an enviable reputation in retail. Naturally, the service is progressing into further market sectors.

In the retail sector Orridge is recognised as a leading provider with a reputation built on quality and cost-effectiveness. Founded as a pharmacy stocktaker in 1846, our expertise and integrity in this sector is well known. We are successfully expanding an impressive client portfolio and are firmly established in the supermarket sector.

To the healthcare sector Orridge provides unrivalled industry experience, combined with modern data capture techniques and a progressive and reliable stocktaking system. We service all areas, including pharmacies and doctors' surgeries.

To the retail sector we offer cost-effective solutions that are always developed to reflect individual client needs. Through a diverse range of service options our customers receive management information that make them more effective.

Due to our experience in warehouse and distribution Orridge has naturally progressed into supply chain solutions.

Our supply chain customers benefit further from reliable stock information and analysis, helping to both identify stock loss and inaccuracy, then improve it through operational change.

Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis