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Market Sector: Retail

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Swarovski is an Austrian producer of lead glass (crystal). It has a turnover of 2.06 billion Euro. The business employs approximately 27,000 staff, and boasts 2,800 retail stores in 170 countries.

The background

We spoke to Tim Moore, Head of Loss Prevention for Swarovski, who realised that Orridge could provide a solution to Swarovski’s stocktaking problem.

“We were relying on staff to manually count stock after working long hours, which was causing errors to occur in the stock reports.

Orridge provided Swarovski with a technological solution so that the stock counts became faster, more accurate and allowed Swarovski store staff to focus more on selling stock and front of house duties.”

The importance of working with key partners

“Swarovski’s passion for innovation and constant quest for excellence led it to recognise the importance of working with key partners whose expertise and knowledge add value to the Swarovski customer experience. Swarovski is therefore delighted that Orridge, experts in stock counting, are providing stock audit services to its UK stores.”

Why would you recommend Orridge to other retailers?

“Swarovski has been impressed with the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by the Orridge team and has found that Swarovski can focus on continuing to delight and enchant its customers, confident that Orridge will attend to the administrative detail.”

Orridge use the very latest hand-held wireless LAN technology to enable its stocktaking teams to scan barcodes with speed and accuracy. Orridge work hard to ensure that clients receive the best service possible enabling them to focus their efforts on increasing sales and enhancing stock efficiency.