Pharmacy Inventory Management

Founded in 1846 as a pharmacy stocktaking provider, our services to the healthcare sector are as indispensable as they have ever been

Our specialist pharmacy stocktaking business has adapted to accommodate all areas of healthcare, including doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and other medical service providers. Investment in technology complements our operational know-how, to keep pace with healthcare’s ongoing evolution.

Using barcode-scanning technology, our pharmacy-trained stocktake teams count and value all NHS and OTC stock within our customers’ healthcare sites: pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, warehouses, and larger distribution centres.

The end-to-end technological solution is developed, maintained, and owned by Orridge. Our stocktake system is self-developed and we maintain a pharmacy product file for the identification and pricing of the products our teams scan. Our technological independence means we can be flexible with our service approach, reflecting the individuality of the client.

We have a nationwide network of stocktake teams that confidently handle all related matters (sales, items awaiting collection, handling of controlled drugs) and work with customers’ staff to ensure they are engaged with the stocktake process from beginning to end.

Whether you are planning your annual pharmacy stocktake or want to obtain more reporting or analysis from its data, accurate stock information is essential. Stocktaking for any business can be a tedious exercise, it requires patience, and an eye for detail, together with product knowledge and industry experience.

By choosing Orridge Pharmacy Inventory Management Services you can expect a solution that is tailored to your needs and delivered conveniently. We understand that a doctor’s surgery is different from a pharmacy and we adapt the service accordingly.

As standard, we provide:

  • Stocktake teams trained in healthcare stocktaking.
  • Stocktake supervisors that work closely with your management.
  • Data capture at barcode level using scanning technology.
  • A process that prioritises dispensing - putting your customers first.
  • Same-day completion, at a time convenient to you.
  • A stock category breakdown.
  • A full valuation certificate that you can rely on.
  • Post-stocktake support, should any questions arise.

Our teams use Orridge’s unique barcode-scanning technology to count the stock alongside the most up-to-date electronic price file so that every item is valued effectively.

Customers’ staff are provided with transparent reporting to enable them to validate the quality of the service being provided. We have established best practice procedures that instruct our stocktake teams to deliver the service accurately and efficiently.

A detailed valuation certificate is provided that can be relied on.

We can adapt count process and reporting to accommodate varying customer needs because our in-house systems are flexible.  If a customer requires additional management information our in-house development team can provide this to the required specification.

From a straightforward single-site pharmacy valuation stocktake to a more demanding multi-site service requirement, Orridge is equipped to deliver.

Typically, the stocktaking service is used to provide an annual valuation of stock. There are additional scenarios we can also assist with, including: –

  • Re-valuation of stock following a change of management.
  • Support of an insurance claim.
  • Validation of EPOS stock on hand valuation

Management Information Services

Like any retail business, healthcare organisations aspire to reduce costs and increase profit margins and sales for both dispensing and over-the-counter (OTC) stock.

Our Management Information Services are often used to assist with key business decisions.  This additional data can include:

  • Stock found in the stock room, but not on the shop floor
  • High-count reports, to establish overstocks
  • Stock levels for key items

Orridge healthcare stocktaking services are cost-effective, competitive, and affordable.

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Orridge is firmly established as a leading stocktaking service provider on a pan-European basis