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At the heart of the company is our I.T. department which is dedicated to continuously exploring and developing the latest technological advancements within the industry.

Our most recent investments in this area have enabled us to upgrade to the very latest handheld Wireless LAN Technology.

This new technology has enabled Orridge to improve its efficiency and provided us with a competitive edge within the industry.

Handheld Technology

All our counters are equipped with the very latest Wireless LAN handheld equipment enabling them to scan bar-codes with speed and accuracy.

Portable computers, modems, and custom developed software solutions

Allows our team to store, combine, print and report on data captured during and after the count.

3g Wireless Broadband

Our laptops are connected to our file handling systems over 3g Wireless Broadband which means customers usually get their results within minutes of them being sent in from site.

Resource and Schedule management

Orridge has invested heavily in advanced scheduling and resource management systems to ensure your counts are performed accurately and on time.

Automated file handling systems

Our automated file handing systems ensure our supervisors in the field receive files for the counts before they are needed and ensures prompt delivery of results via email or FTP.

Online Client Portal and advanced client reporting

Our Client Portal delivers access to a sophisticated reporting solution that allows you to review and analyse count data for current and historical counts through a web browser.



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