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Supply Chain Solutions

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Since its venture into providing Supply Chain Solutions, Orridge has noticed a common theme: stores complain of inaccurate deliveries, but distribution centres report excellent service levels. The supply chain is of course a complex operation that can be degraded as the stock passes through its numerous links. In order to make a credible analysis of a supply chain's efficiency it certainly helps to start at a point that all concerned agree as accurate.

Orridge has adapted its stocktake processes to provide support to its customers' supply chain operation. Supply Chain Solutions are a number of varying audit functions that Orridge can provide. We have the expertise to ensure stock delivery accuracy is improved throughout your supply chain. Orridge understands that each retailer will have an individual set of circumstances to consider and these will present unique challenges to address. The following steps are normally taken to enable the retailer to make informed decisions:

Consultation Meeting

Orridge will meet with you to gain an understanding of the components that drive your stock from supplier through to the sales floor.

  • What are your existing processes for receiving stock?
  • What controls already exist?
  • Is a third party logistics company used?
  • Are store deliveries believed to be inaccurate?

By discussing these subjects and more, a vital knowledge base is established.

Identify Areas of Concern

Normally a retailer will have an idea where its weak supply chain links are located, but no hard evidence to validate this. Often there are various issues that collectively contribute to a much larger problem:

  • Which are the worst performing distribution centres?
  • What is the picking accuracy? Who measures this?
  • Is 'good faith receiving' in operation?
  • What security measures are in place for stock transportation?
  • Are store deliveries believed to be inaccurate?
  • Is administrative loss being considered as well as physical loss?

Once the most likely areas of concern have been identified the next step is to investigate them.

Exploratory Exercise

Orridge would not expect a potential customer to make a significant investment in its services without a reasonable expectation that this will lead to positive change. With this in mind a cautious and inexpensive start to the process can begin. This will involve an initial data collection exercise at strategic points in the supply chain, thereafter the data can be analysed to assess where more concentrated activity is worthwhile.

Targeted Activity

At this point more substantial steps are taken. Our audits are comprehensive and as well as delivering you with an accurate delivery performance figure across depot's, Chambers and product categories, it will help drive performance improvements. We know that once our services are employed, retailers will see a step change in picking performance, delivery accuracy and the financial savings that come with these.

Our consultative approach will mean that our fully flexible audits are carried out in the right place at the right time. The fact that we are independent of your business adds credibility to the results and we will work with you and your distribution teams in fixing systemic issues in your receipt and delivery operation.


In order for our supply chain solutions to make a real difference to your business, we aim to be of strategic value to you. Our expertise will guide you through the process of set up and implementation. Our expertise does not end there. One of the key advantages to using Orridge is our flexibility, particularly in our reporting methodology. We have a dedicated team of in-house software developers who can provide you with a powerful reporting suite. This reporting suite can be provided to you via our customer web portal, and will be a bespoke design to meet your needs.



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