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'Customer Availability', 'Sales', 'Shrinkage'. At Orridge, we know that these performance measures matter to you. We are constantly striving to offer cost effective solutions which will support your efforts to improve these performance measures across your entire business.

The amount of time and resource Retailers invest in tackling shrinkage and availability issues is often disproportionate to the root cause of the problem. Studies have shown that the majority of shrinkage and availability problems are down to internal processes not being followed correctly, leading to the corruption of what essentially drives Shrinkage and Availability - The Stock File.

Distribution Centres deliver large volumes of stock every day. This vast operation is driven by a series of complex receiving and picking processes. It's during this phase of the operation that mistakes are invariably made. If the stock received in store isn't accurate more remedial action in store is required to make corrections - More Shrinkage and worse Availability are the consequence.

The Orridge Pick Accuracy audit solution is simple. Not only will it improve your Shrinkage and Availability, it will save your business money.

Orridge will provide a team of skilled auditors to work with your Distribution teams to ensure that what is being picked accurately reflects what is required by your stores by conducting regular sample audits of your stores' deliveries. Our work will provide you with a robust delivery accuracy figure. We are able to report our findings in real time as well as investigating the root-cause so any systemic issues can be rectified.

Our audits are flexible, independent and accurate and can be tailored to suit your needs. We actively encourage our customers to give us the freedom to work in their best interests. This enables us to provide meaningful data as our unpredicted audits are random and far reaching.



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