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Orridge was founded as a stocktaking provider to the pharmacy sector and this is still a very important area of the business today. With a healthy and expanding list of pharmacy clients in its portfolio, Orridge provides dispensary stocktakes for independent pharmacies and large national organisations alike. In the retail sector Orridge is recognised as the leading supplier in the UK, this is due to a culture of flexibility and creativity that keeps pace with the ever-changing demands of such a dynamic industry, best demonstrated through a variety of bespoke services to stores.

Orridge's proactive approach has translated well to the supermarket sector, where we enjoy good working relationships with some of the key players in this area of retail. Reliable stock information is just as important in our clients warehouse and distribution sites as it is in the stores. Orridge has the expertise and experience to deliver what is required in this area of its customers organisations.

Due to our experience in warehouse and distribution Orridge has naturally progressed into supply chain solutions, where our customers benefit further from reliable stock information and analysis, helping to both identify stock loss or inaccuracy; then improve it through operational change.



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