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Since its venture into Supply Chain Optimisation Orridge has noticed a common theme: stores complain of incorrect deliveries, but distribution centres report excellent service levels. The supply chain is of course a complex operation that can be degraded as the stock passes through numerous links. In order to make a credible analysis of a supply chain's efficiency it certainly helps to start at a point that all concerned agree as accurate. This is why Orridge's Pick Quality Audit Service is popular amongst the customers that use it.

The Pick Quality Audit Service

This service provides the retailer with an impartial view of the picking accuracy its distribution centres provide, whether in-house or managed by a third party logistics provider. The concept is to check a random sample of deliveries by first scanning them with an Orridge HHT, then comparing the scanned data with the required order to arrive at an accuracy measurement. A unique site validation system ensures that the accuracy reported is indisputable.

Benefits of the service

The service is relatively inexpensive and even when used on a small scale it can have a large and positive impact on the retailer's distribution centres. If a picking integrity issue isn't evident the customer can work with Orridge to analyse other areas of the supply chain. If a picking integrity issue does exist the following benefits can be obtained from sustained use of this service: -

  • Trend reporting enables DC management to focus on problem areas.
  • Performance measurements can be provided for different pick shifts.
  • Individual poor performers can be identified.
  • Problem products can be highlighted.
  • Inaccurate deliveries can be corrected before leaving the DC.
  • More confidence from stores in the delivery integrity.

How it Works

As with all Orridge additional services a small and inexpensive exploratory exercise can be undertaken, then depending on the results, progressed further. Orridge has developed a robust and transparent operating system that can be proven as accurate. This process is adapted to suit the customer's individual needs and appropriate software, then adapted from a DC operating platform unique to Orridge.

In brief the basic principles of the Pick Quality Audit Service follows:

  • Randomly select a complete delivery.
  • Scan the products using a fail safe count system.
  • Compare the scanned data against the delivery document.
  • Produce a variance report.
  • Investigate variances and validate any issues identified at site level.
  • Produce a validated picking accuracy measurement.

Review and Action

It is vital that a service such as the Pick Quality Audit is under regular review, as the collected data will prompt a particular course of action for a period of time, but this can change suddenly, such is the fast moving nature of a distribution centre. Orridge's aim in this environment is to provide an accurate view of the DC operation to its customer and to work with the logistics team to help make improvements where this is needed. Excellent Orridge reporting capabilities enable this to happen efficiently and effectively.



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