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Supply Chain Optimisation

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Orridge has adapted its stocktake processes to provide support to its customers supply chain operation. Supply Chain Optimisation (S.C.O.) is a complex subject that Orridge is helping to simplify through the data it is able to provide.

Orridge understands that each retailer will have an individual set of circumstances to consider and these will present unique challenges to address. The following steps are normally taken to enable the retailer to make informed decisions:

Consultation Meeting

Orridge will meet with its potential S.C.O. customer to gain an understanding of the components that drive its stock from supplier through to sales floor.

  • Is a third party logistics company used?
  • Are store deliveries believed to be inaccurate?
  • What controls already exist?

By discussing these subjects and more, a vital knowledge base is established.

Identify Areas of Concern

Normally a retailer will have an idea where its weak supply chain links are located, but no hard evidence to validate this idea. Often there are various issues that collectively contribute to a much larger problem:

  • Which are the worst performing distribution centres?
  • What is the picking accuracy? Who measures this?
  • Is 'good faith receiving' in operation?
  • What security measures are in place for stock transportation?
  • Is administrative loss being considered as well as physical loss?

Once the most likely areas of concern have been identified the next step is to investigate them.

Exploratory Exercise

Orridge would not expect a potential customer to make a significant investment in its services without a reasonable expectation that this will lead to positive change. With this in mind a cautious and inexpensive start to the process can begin. This will involve an initial data collection exercise at strategic points in the supply chain, thereafter the data can be analysed to assess where more concentrated activity is worthwhile.

Targeted Activity

At this point more substantial steps are taken to ascertain if the perceived areas of weakness continue to present issues after sustained S.C.O. activity. Areas of focus can include:

  • Supplier delivery problems.
  • Stock position inaccuracy.
  • Picking errors.
  • Stock identification issues.
  • Loss during transportation.
  • Administrative loss.

There are many other issues that can be addressed by using Orridge's S.C.O. service, but only after quantifying and understanding these issues can decisive action be taken.


For the Orridge S.C.O. service to be successful it must ultimately provide real benefit to the retailer it serves. With this in mind Orridge aims to be of strategic value by taking part in customer review meetings at suitable stages throughout the development of the process. Our existing customers value in Orridge a flexible provider that is willing to adapt its approach and is enabled to do so through a dedicated team of software developers that can provide a powerful reporting suite, ensuring that quality information leads to positive action.
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