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Full Wall to Wall Counts

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Many retailers ensure that a full stocktake of their stores are conducted on an annual basis, many choose to increase the frequency of these stocktakes to enjoy more of the significant benefits that a Wall to Wall stocktake can deliver.

A broad range of retailers utilise our Wall to Wall solutions and benefit from the results which we deliver, these include:

  • Increased sales.
  • Improved store book stock accuracy.
  • No capital investment for hand held technology.
  • Stores concentrate on core activity, selling.
  • Least disruption to you, the customer.
  • Scheduling flexibility.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Independent reporting.
  • Reduced shrinkage.

The Wall to Wall Stocktake Service

Orridge understands the complexity involved in a full Wall to Wall stocktake and through experience knows that a one size fits all stocktake will not suffice in producing the best result, which is why we offer a bespoke service to each customer. To enable us to provide the best service possible we follow some basic principles:

  • Establish customer requirements during a consultation meeting.
  • Develop bespoke software to the specified format.
  • Perform trial stocktake(s) to establish process and anticipated productivity.
  • Develop stocktake schedules in agreement with the customer.
  • Staff all stocktakes using Orridge resources, never supplemented by agency staff.
  • Ensure store involvement in the stocktake process throughout.
  • SLA criteria agreed in advance and delivered.
  • Accuracy proven at site level through store accuracy checking.
  • Regular reviews to process throughout the relationship.
  • Continuous proactive action to deliver efficiencies and cost savings.

How it Works

After sufficient trial activity has been completed and the operational requirements have been established Orridge will engage in a full stocktake schedule for the customer. The logistics of arranging a suitable schedule of work and providing competent staff to support it, is of course all taken care of by Orridge through its excellent regional management structure.

As already stated, the approaches to a Wall to Wall stocktake are as varied as the clients which Orridge serves. A typical Wall to Wall stocktake incorporates the following key elements:

  • Store is segregated into manageable count locations by an Orridge planner.
  • HHTs are loaded with the client product file, to enable validation of products when scanned.
  • Count methods are communicated to the count team through the on-site Orridge management, then monitored through bespoke management reporting.
  • Store staff are involved throughout the process and actively encouraged to validate the count integrity through transparent accuracy reporting.
  • Completeness of the stocktake is ensured by using numerous management reports, which are checked by the store and Orridge team together.
  • Once agreed as complete and accurate the count data is sent directly to the customer's specified recipient.

Whatever process is chosen, Orridge ensures that its accuracy is measurable and therefore the integrity is visible. Orridge aims to provide a service that is convenient for those that use it.

Review and Action

Orridge customers benefit from regular review meetings, during which key performance indicator reports are supplied to evidence service level compliance. Individual challenges or successes are discussed and used to improve the service moving forward.
Orridge understands that its customers work in dynamic and demanding environments and as a supplier we are always striving to offer benefits that will assist in meeting those demands. Service and cost-efficiency are an ongoing focus of the Orridge business and we believe this is why Orridge is the preferred supplier of this core service.



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